Welcome to the Future – The Smart Home or Business

No longer just the vision of science fiction writers, modern technology means it is now possible to control everything from heating and home entertainment to security entry systems and CCTV from the comfort of your sofa or even remotely away from your home or office.

What is Automation? Automation is the integration of a number of different electrical devices and systems within a home or business. Sometimes referred to as a Smart Home or Business, it connects individual electrical systems and circuits into one network enabling the user total control of the systems from one point.

procom is one of the country’s leading installers of automated integration systems. Established in 1997 we have worked extensively with manufacturers across Europe to create seamless solutions for our customers whether large or small.

Whether you are looking to install a simple home cinema or require multi room wireless integration of your home or business’s appliances, procom can provide a comprehensive range of services to suit your needs.


Surprisingly Affordable – Surprisingly Achievable

procom’s success is partly reliant on its skills to create affordable solutions to home owners, architects, interior designers and an extensive range of businesses and organisations. Our years of experience means that we have been able to develop solutions that meet the requirements of our customers often within controlled budgets whilst providing the aesthetics to meet the most discerning tastes.